“This is simply a fantastic way to see Bangkok. I’ve done private tour guides via public transport and other tours but this way simply the best. Riding through tiny back alleys, seeing parts of Bangkok you can only do on foot or bike and being guided by an expert was perfect.”

September 2015

“Amazing and thought provoking day. Wonderful to see the animals so well looked after. I don’t really believe in riding elephants so this trip was brilliant for me. The whole day I was wowed by the size and grace of these beautiful animals. Very interesting story’s and serious stuff a side a really fun day. Food was excellent the guides enthusiastic. Couldn’t be happier that my money is going towards such a special place”

August 2015

“James Bond Island Tour was great. We recently spent the day on the James Bond island tour with Happy Tours and it was great. The staff were very attentive and took very good care of us, we also had a 16 month old toddler with us which they attended to also. Would definitely do a tour with this group again they were great. Just remember to bring some extra money with you for shopping and to tip the man rowing the kayak and definately buy the DVD/photo CD it’s a must.

July 29, 2015